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The Woodhaven condominium is a 125 unit project on a 100 acre wooded site in Wilder, Vermont. This project was reviewed under Vermont's Act 250 environmental law and approved in its entirety without modifications.

Design Solution
The housing units were located around the outside of a loop road in such a way as to protect natural views for all units and to fit into the natural topography. The area inside the loop road was designed to remain primarily natural with only a recreation building, tennis courts, and pool. Common detached garage units were tucked into the topography to minimize their visual impact. The total project was clustered on a very small area of the site to conserve open space and to minimize construction costs. Each townhouse was given a public side and a private exposure to the surrounding woods.

Woodhaven was one of the first, higher density, attached housing projects in the region. It's economic success proved that the local housing market was ready for this form of well designed clustered housing.

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